Good News, first I am working on a second „Left“-Film. This time it will be an animated documentary. I plan to finish a short prototype in the next weeks, just for testing if my new idea is working. Beside that I am working on the story of „Vanishing“, finally on the Animatic. Yay! A huge step forward. It was really nice to play around with the puppets and test my material possibilities in Austria, but all the testing is coming to an end and the producing phase is starting. At the end of the month I will be also publish a short autobiografic Fanzine about our short trip to Braunau. It will be similiar to the New York one and we will have a presentation on 27th January. You see never standing still is my catchphrase.

But there is more…left-2

So now that you know what is going on, you should remember 27th January, of course, and 13th March. Why 13th March? Left will be shown at the Filmbrunch in moviemento. Today I got an email that it was selected for the Kunstuniversität Linz bestoff screening. It was really nice to hear and now I am even more motivated to do my stuff.

I hope you all are fine 🙂
and a late happy new year.