Okay, it’s not a real retrospective, but „Left“ will be shown again on the 12th December at Wärmepol with loads of works of my fellow students. I plan also to show Umbrage and Routine 🙂 two lovely films I did with other people. So let the film day, come!

I wanted to show you picture of the exhibition. It‘ over, my first solo exhibition is gone. It was an amazing experience and I also plan my next exhibition at the beginning of the summer. This time it will be a bit more Stop Motion Puppets like~ Look forward to it!


On the opening day there was a little performance. Me in a black robe, drawing with my left hand on the windows. The Opening of the closed eyes from the film and the turning away of the girl. Turning away as the question if I would draw with my left hand even if the right hand was completely fine. Right at the moment I only paint with brush and ink, all the other drawing work is done with my none drawing hand. I got used to it, but what if I can see again and start exactly where I left…

A room full of darkness, only spots directed at the windows, someone is drawing. You can’t see the person, but the person moves from one window to the next. Fine and gentle strokes changing to wild and strong ones. Eyes are opening. It’s silent, completly silent, only the rustling of the moving spectators. The brush is useless for the body, the movement of fingers and the trail of what was there before.

You can see through the window, but can you also see through my work?



Left – a homage to the ability and the love of drawing.
And the last words I want to say… Thanks!