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Reliable, flexible, team oriented, motivated and responsible. I am the thinker that is here to solve your problems.

I love it to learn, teach others and work together with you to create the perfect solution.


My quirky Strengths.

Quality work in the most different areas.
3D Visualisation

See your future product as a 3d model.

Media Stuff

From Programming to filming and animation.


An Illustrator waiting to hear more about you.


Managing exhibitions and children workshops.


Music –


the Blog

a little gaze behind the surface

Urban Sketching

Since several years I am part of the urban sketching movement, first in Linz then in Vienna. Urban Sketchers are people that meet to draw their inspiration from reality. Motives are people passing by, buildings, nature and stuff like that.

Together you look around, draw and enjoy a nice talk with other people.


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