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with experience in editing, filming, teaching and programming at your service!


about me

Reliable, flexible, team oriented, motivated and responsible.

I am the Tech Guy of my family so I have tons of experience in dealing with people who don’t know what they want but they want it quick and immediatly.
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My quirky Strengths.

Quality work in the most different areas.

Illustration and Comics were my hobbies from an early age on and I love it to share this passion!


Bringing organisation into chaos. Experience with managing groups, projects, exhibitions and children's workshop.

Media Stuff

Animation, Programming, Micro Controllers - let's combine them all and be surprised what is possible if you think outside the box.


Music –


the Blog

a little gaze behind the surface

Urban Sketching

Since several years I am part of the urban sketching movement, first in Linz then in Vienna. Urban Sketchers are people that meet to draw their inspiration from reality. Motives are people passing by, buildings, nature and stuff like that.

Together you look around, draw and enjoy a nice talk with other people.

I started to work as a cutter for LändleTV, a regional TV station in Vorarlberg | Austria. Here are some of my favorite videos. They are in german, so if you understand, enjoy watching…
Workshops down the memory lane
Selected photos from different workshops. The first one is from a drawing workshop, the other ones are more into the field of electronics and programming. Learning to understand how stuff works on an easy…
Urban Sketching
Drawing in the urban space with company. Since several years I am part of the urban sketching movement, first in Linz then in Vienna and now in Salzburg. Urban Sketchers are people that meet…

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