Fight for your Time! – Street Game

Fight for your time!” is a Street Game that was developed at Schmiede 2017 by Katrin Schäfer, Leonore Liebich and me. I tested the Game at several occasions after that, one of them was a media conference at the Ars Electronica Center. The duration of one session is around 5-20 min. Players 5 – 21(incl. 1 Game Master, the professor).

You play it in two or more groups. Each group is from a different era and just landed by accident in our time. The science fond don’t have enough money to repair the time machine and callibrate it for each time period. So only one team can return to their time, the one that solves the given challenges to repair the time machine the fastest.

To make things easier we designed team cards, yellow challenge cards and purple explanation cards for our game master, the time machine professor. The whole game is explained on this cards.