Schmiede 2015 Projects

I am back from my first Schmiede in Hallein. It was amazing, so I am really looking forward to next year. Schmiede is an Idea Festival, where artist from all over the world meet and do stuff. We were around 350 artists and there were so many interesting things to see. I really miss the people and the atmosphere. Not sure, if I also miss the glitter, but it was an sparkly experience, for sure.

I worked on four projects in the end. Pareidolie was the last one. Mine is the little gnome right at the bottom. Found him in the corner of the kitchen 😉

Another one was only helping a bit with little things in the real world, like cleaning stuff and drawing Watch me dance on a panel, not doing much, but my two favourite projects were Animations. I did a simple walk Animation for a little game and a Monster, but the game wasn’t presented in the end :/ only a little slight show of the concept Art… no Animation at all. I would really like to see the little guy/girl walk in an game environment, but yeah hopefully it will be still completed sometime. I know I should be glad that it was shown at least… but yeah… it never is enough 😛 And the other was making the character – Frank – for a live puppeteering from cinema vertigo, a working lab of Schmiede. Next year I want to visit Schmiede again and then going there with an own project….. and a better camera, left mine at home and only shot photos with the smartphone. Not the best idea.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect in Hallein, but it was a great time and loads of fun.

Cabinet de Marionettes

Watch me Dance! =D

and last, but not least 4 Frames Animations for the GameJam…
not enough time for more deailed ones, but it was nice to animate with colored drawing ink 😉

Monster | Playercharacter