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Vanishing II

My project vanishing is finished, it was part of a bigger theoretical work about puppets. Tactile Feelings in the Uncanny Valley. I already blogged about it when there…

SchmiedeY 2017

Schmiede is a Media/Idea/Art Festival full of nice artworks and awesome people. It was my third year that I attended it and for sure not my last one….

Drawing Machine – bare hands

Drawing Machine with bare hands – Webcam Input, 2017   Playing around a bit with a drawing machine, Prototype 😉 You can draw with bare hands and this…

Splace 03 Exhibition

Monsterfurcht is part of the splace03 magazin. The topic is fear and if you want to read the english version, there is one, so just open the magazin…

Routine@tricky women

Routine will be played at the tricky women festival in the Work Affairs program.18:00 on 18/3 and 17:30 on 19/3 in Vienna, Gartenbaukino. Here is a link to…

It’s a girl

Srry, just in German. „It’s a girl“ is a workshop project for girls, to teach them film making. Ich habe bei den Projekt It’s a girl mitgewirkt. Ein…

Left is online.

Left from Tanja Kris on Vimeo. Finally you can also watch it in the world wide web 😉 enjoy my little animation! Left is just the right beginning.

Schmiede 2016

Schmiede is my favourite art/culture event of the year. I just want to introduce you to some of my projects from this year.

Fest Anča and Left

Fest Anča is from 29.6 to 3.7.2016 in Slovakia. It’s an international animation festival and it’s time to shine again for Left.

Kinophilia Linz

Last year I only watched the movies from Kinophilia, but this year I was there for much more. Kinophilia is an event, where filmmakers are meeting to make…