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It’s a girl

Srry, just in German. „It’s a girl“ is a workshop project for girls, to teach them film making. Ich habe bei den Projekt It’s a girl mitgewirkt. Ein…

Left is online.

Left from Tanja Kris on Vimeo. Finally you can also watch it in the world wide web 😉 enjoy my little animation! Left is just the right beginning.

Schmiede 2016

Schmiede is my favourite art/culture event of the year. I just want to introduce you to some of my projects from this year.

Fest Anča and Left

Fest Anča is from 29.6 to 3.7.2016 in Slovakia. It’s an international animation festival and it’s time to shine again for Left.

Kinophilia Linz

Last year I only watched the movies from Kinophilia, but this year I was there for much more. Kinophilia is an event, where filmmakers are meeting to make…

Left has not left yet ;D

And so, I am here again. You already know about Best Off 2016 and now…. taaaddddaaaaa.

Best off Filmbrunch 2016

Today was the Best off Filmbrunch at moviemento. My films Routine and Left were played.

Left is going on!

Good News, first I am working on a second „Left“-Film. This time it will be an animated documentary. I plan to finish a short prototype in the next…

„Left“ – Retrospective

Okay, it’s not a real retrospective, but „Left“ will be shown again on the 12th December at Wärmepol with loads of works of my fellow students. I plan…

Vanishing I

Vanishing ist der Titel für meinen nächsten Film. Die Arbeit sollte sich mit verschiedenen Themen wie Verlust